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Done Unsure Wouldnt tell me who was doing it. Admin | Report

Discussion in 'Submitted Reports & Ban Appeals' started by f1tzg3r4ld, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. f1tzg3r4ld


    Nov 27, 2015
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    What was the name of the Player?
    Unsure Wouldnt tell me who was doing it.
    Are you reporting a Player or an Admin?
    What happened?
    The round had just started. I was on Usa on kokan 11/26/15 7:15pm pst to 7:39pm pst. I somehow got bumped to taliban so i waited untill there was more room and then swapped back to the usa team and squad i was with. An admin then swapped me back. I was then disconnected from the server either by admin or for not being in a squad. So i rejoined was back on usa and again a admin swapped me back to taliban and said " we put you on taliban and thats what team your on unless we say so." I asked what rule i violated and why i was being swapped. They told me that I was ghosting thats why they swapped me. I responed by tellign them i was not ghosting and was told " thats for us to decide." The round had just started.

    I have read over the entire sever rules and I did not violate any rules by trying top get back on usa whith the squad I was with. I play frequently on your server and I sit on your server when no one is on trying to pop the server. I do not break the rules.

    If I broke a rule please respond by stating the rule. If your admins were out of line please discuss it with them.
    Can you give us some evidence of what happened?
    Check your server logs. I will pull my battle recorder files if you need them.
    What rules were broken?
    None by me. Harassment of players by admin.

    @2. Project Reality Lead Admin EU
    @2. Project Reality Lead Admin NA
  2. FFG

    FFG Sir CEO of BASED Community Friend

    Oct 16, 2015
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    It was me, You played on Blufor all of albasrah. Then after spending 5-10 minutes on taliban and making comments like "its TZ vs Taliban" you swapped teams. So i swapped you back on the grounds of ghosting and imbalancing the team. It was not at the start of the round....
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  3. Chefmoto

    Chefmoto Chief

    Oct 17, 2015
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    We don't kick people who aren't in a squad, it's a script that most servers have.

    I think FFG is using poor phrasing when he says you were ghosting, I don't think that's the case. But when you are playing as OpFor on INS and then you switch to BluFor it obviously puts you at an advantage because you know cache and hideout locations. Especially if you had been playing the round for a while.

    Also, we do have a rule that says admins may switch players for balance. So if there were already issues with team balance then you switching may have made it a bit worse, so you were switched back. I'm on my phone at the moment I can give you the exact rule later.

    Thank you for the report!
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