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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FlyingR, Aug 2, 2017.

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    Mar 5, 2016
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    BASED Clan Tournament

    Rules & Regulations

    The following sets forth Rules & Regulations (“Rules”) that will apply to the BASED Clan Tournament (“Tournament”). All participating parties which include Administrators/Staff (“Admins”), Clan/Unit (“Clans”), Clan Leaders/Representatives (“Leaders”), Clan Players and other involved members in this Tournament will abide by these Rules without exception. Failure to do so, consequences will pursue to the infracting party/parties regardless of its/their role(s) in this Tournament. In the possible event that an issue which is not covered in the following Rules could emerge, the Admins will see fit to act correspondingly to ensure uninterrupted, impartial and an agreeable experience for everyone. These Rules have been designed for the Tournament to flow in an enjoyable comportment for all participants, encouraging a positive and fair environment.

    Article I - Introduction
    1. Maps

    1. All maps will be selected at random to ensure no advantage is give to any Clan/Unit.
    2. All maps will be announced one weeks prior to the commencement of the Tournament.​

    2. Layout
    1. The layout set for this Tournament will be of Skirmish with its different game modes.
    2. The layouts will be set in order to allow 8 players per team/side at a time.​

    3. Matches
    1. Each match will be comprised of two rounds and the team with the most tickets remaining at the end of both rounds will be considered as the winner.
    2. Each round will be composed of 100 tickets in total.
    3. Each round will have a maximum duration of 1 hour.
    4. For each round, the Clans will switch side to avoid any possible problems regarding being in an unfavorable side. For example, if in Round 1 Team A starts as BluFor, in Round 2 they will switch and play as OpFor.​

    4. Schedule
    1.The deadline for signing up is Sunday 13th of August.
    2. The Tournament will start Saturday 19th of August.
    3.Teams will be able to select and arrange between Saturday and Sunday from 15:00PRT onwards.
    3. Exceptions can be made if all teams and Admins agree to a new schedule modification.​

    Article II – Sign-Up
    1. All Clans are welcomed in the Tournament.

    2. Clans must consist of a minimum of 10 people and maximum of 14 people. Admins reserve the right of making exceptions.

    3. All Clans must have one Leader and at least one other representative who will replace the Leader in the event of the Leader’s absence.

    4. To sign-up a Clan, the Leader of said Clan, must register both himself and his Clan in the Registration Form

    5. All the members of the Clans must register in the Always Based forums.

    6. Clans can invite friends and/or other people into their roster in order to obtain the minimum number of players.

    7. If an individual is not part of a Clan but wishes to join, this person can make a temporary group or Clan with other people for this Tournament.

    8. Clans that communicate in foreign languages are welcomed as long as their Leader and second representative can understand and communicate in a competent level of English.

    9. Admins participating in the tournament will not be allowed to use commands on match days.

    10. The Admins of the Tournament reserve the right to reject Clans, Leaders and/or Players, they believe will harm the Tournament’s environment and Players’ experience.

    Article III – Rule of Conduct
    1. Expectations

    1. All Clans and Players are expected to be mature and respectful at all times.
    2. Aside from the Tournament Rules, all members participating in the Tournament are to follow the Forum & Teamspeak Rules.
    3. All players are required to have a working microphone.
    4. All Clans and Players are expected to listen and follow Admins’ decisions, which will be the final verdict.​

    2. Fair Play
    1. All Clans and Players are expected to display an attitude of “Fair Play” in line with the Tournament Rules.
    2. If any Clan and/or Player attempts to avoid or manipulate any of the Tournament Rules in its and/or his favor to obtain advantage over another Clan or Admins, it will be considered as misconduct or cheating, and will be dealt with accordingly.​

    3. Language & Profanity
    1. Offensive, racist, sexist and disrespectful language will be considered as an infraction to the Rules.
    2. Commentaries or remarks that are not mentioned in III.3.1 but Admins deem it offensive or inappropriate; it will be regarded as an infraction to the Rules.​

    4. Clan Tags
    1. All Players must wear the Clan tags during matches and in Teamspeak, no exception.​

    5. Forfeits
    1. If a Clan is not present by the beginning of Round 1/Start of the match, said Clan loses Round 1. If the Clan does not arrive 30 minutes after the beginning of the match, said Clan will lose both Rounds, therefore lose the match.
    2. If a Clan does not show up or is three or more players short, said Clan loses the match.
    3. If a Clan refuses to play a match, said clan loses the match.​

    6. Misconduct
    1. The following will be considered as prohibited behavior in all of its forms:
    1. Teamkilling.
    2. Spamming on all-chat, mumble & Teamspeak
    3. Suicide Tactics.
    4. Livestreaming unless otherwise explicit written permission by an Admin.
    5. Shooting from/into main base.
    6. Revealing directly or indirectly information to the opposing team regarding players’ locations or statistics (i.e. Tickets remaining).
    7. Sabotaging one’s team.​

    7. Cheating
    1. The following will be considered as cheating in all of its forms:
    1. Hacking.
    2. Ghosting
    3. Bug/Glitch exploits.
    4. Client File editing.
    5. Not reporting other players cheating.​
    2. If there are questions or issues regarding possible cheats or anything else related to cheating, players should contact and ask Admins.​

    8. Consequences
    1. Admins have the right to penalize either/both individual Players and Clans according to the severity of the infractions stated in Article III as well as use their best judgment.
    2. Penalties include but are not limited to:
    1. Warning
    1. Each Player/Clan gets TWO warnings. After two warnings, more severe punishment will apply.​
    2. Kick for one Round of the match
    1. If a Player gets kicked, he will be able to come back for the next Round.
    2. If three players or more get kicked, the Clan automatically loses that Round. The clan will be able to come back for the next Round.​
    3. Kick for the whole match
    1. If a Player gets kicked for the whole Round match, he will not be able to play until the next match.
    2. If three or more Players get kicked for the whole match, the Clan automatically loses the whole match.​
    4. Match Ban
    1. A Player will be banned for the next match.​
    5. Tournament Ban
    1. A Player will be banned for the whole Tournament.​
    6. If a Player or a Clan believes that their punishment or sentence was unfair, an appeal can be made in Complaints & Appeals.​

    Article IV – Match
    1. One hour prior to the match’s commencement, the Server details (name, password, etc.) will be sent by PM to the Clan Leaders.

    2. All Clans must be on Teamspeak 20 minutes before the match begins. From herein, the Tournament Rules become active, especially Article III.

    3. All Clans must be on the Server 10 minutes before the match begins.

    4. Once all Clans and Admins are in the Server and the scheduled time has arrived, the Server will be restarted and the match will commence with “Live, Live, Live” announcement in-game.

    5. After the first Round is over, the Map will reload, and once again an in-game announcement with “Live, Live, Live” will be shown. If there’s a Round 3, the same will be done.

    6. Once the match is finished, Admins will post the match results in the Result thread: TBA

    7. Players can post their feedback on the Feedback thread: TBA

    Article V – Disclosure
    1. Responsibility

    1. Although all Players participating in the Tournament are individually responsible for their own actions, Clan Leaders are responsible for guaranteeing that the Players in their Clans acknowledge and abide by the Tournament Rules.​

    2. Inquiries & Complaints
    1. If a Clan or a Player has an inquiry or complaint regarding any of the Rules of the Tournament or about another issue unrelated to the Rules, the Clan Leaders should notify and contact the Admins by:
    a) Creating a “Conversation” (Private Message) with an Admin. For a list of Admins in the Tournament, visit the Staff page.
    b) Creating a post in Complaints & Appeals.​

    3. Rules & Regulations Amendments
    1. The Admins of the Tournament reserve the right to modify or change the Rules as they see fit.​

    4. Rules & Regulations Acknowledgment
    1. By registering in the Tournament, Players acknowledge and agree to abide to the Tournament Rules & Regulations.​
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