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PR - PR:BF2 v1.6.1.0 Changelog

Discussion in 'News, Events & Announcements' started by BASED Bot, May 18, 2020.

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    Today we are releasing the first update for v1.6. It includes many fixes and quality of life improvements as well as some more bigger changes. We recently released a highlight discussing some of these changes. You can read it here.
    This update can now be downloaded through the PR Launcher. Enjoy!

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    PR:BF2 v1.6.1.0 Changelog (2020/05/18)
    • Added Discord Rich Presence. Will show your game status if you use Discord Desktop. Examples: 1, 2, 3.
    • Updated stamina system to inflect negative effects when revived. Read more details in the highlight here.
    • Updated UAV to continue to work while moving and be shown on the map. Read more details in the highlight here.
    • Fixed PR Mumble names not always showing.
    • Fixed being able to build in DOD.
    • Removed delay until a kit is dropped from a wounded soldier.

    • Updated Polish UKM-2000 to fire from crouched position.
    • Fixed issues with bots not knowing how to use certain weapons.
    • Fixed Lynx AH-9A helicopters not working with bots.
    • Fixed a crash when bots are trying to fire certain AGM missiles with jets.
    • Fixed a crash in multiplayer when the hand-grenade smoke effect gets in contact with water.
    • Fixed a crash with bots attempting to use smoke grenades for support kits and for Insurgent medic kits.
    • Fixed MEC BTR-80A One-man version using BTR-90 firing sounds instead of BTR-80a.
    • Fixed Leopard 2A6 when controlled by bots firing smoke screens.
    • Fixed French Medic not having smoke grenades.
    • Fixed additional crashes related to various issues.

    • Added new rallypoint models for the WW2 factions.
    • Updated kit request system to allow requesting custom variants such as paratrooper variation.
    • Updated Russian Forces (desert camo version) to have better shading.
    • Fixed Canadian crewman kit mesh.
    • Fixed invisible Grease Gun for WW2 US Army Paratrooper factions.

    • Updated mounted & stationary M1919A6 to have indoor firing sound.
    • Updated FG42 to have similar zoom animation time to other deployed MGs.
    • Updated MG42, MG34 and M1919A6 to be louder at distance.
    • Updated G43 sprint animation to be more similar to other weapons.
    • Fixed MG34 sight not being aligned.
    • Fixed M1918 BAR machine gun not allowing to check ammo capacity.
    • Fixed Satchel and TM35 mine firing sounds being heard across the map.
    • Fixed M1919A6 3P Firing sounds not looping properly.
    • Fixed many weapons having jittery noise in their animation after firing.

    • Added !jetdod chat command to re-enable the warnings when flying outside the map and inside DOD.
    • Updated chance to get disabled to be lower by starting at 60% vehicle health compared to the old 80%.
    • Updated damage of ATGMs versus front armor to be increased to be roughly the same as an AP shell.
    • Updated Ka-29T to have new variant without copilot machine gun. This is the new default for all maps.
    • Updated Warrior 30mm, AAVP7 MK19, LAV25 firing cannon sounds to better sync with rate of fire.
    • Updated M4A3 Sherman with improved handling and potentially reduced flipping.
    • Fixed various armoured vehicles not having their firing sounds matching the RPM of the weapon.
    • Fixed BTR-80 using BTR-80a HUD.
    • Fixed US M3 and Wehrmacht SdKfz 251C showing players around the vehicle as giants.
    • Fixed Wehrmacht Kubel rear passenger having switched around seat icons.
    • Fixed Wehrmacht SdKfz 251C duck cameras not working as intended.
    • Fixed Wehrmacht Tank hull gunners not using green tracers.
    • Fixed Wehrmacht Panzer tanks hull guns getting disabled.
    • Fixed Russian BMP-2M not allowing to request kits from it.
    • Fixed BMP-3 and BTR-90 firing sounds not being synced to rate of fire.
    • Fixed radar RWS alerting with sound before a lock has occurred.
    • Fixed Huey helicopter series having rotor blades rotating too slow.
    • Fixed PLA WZ550 showing incorrect weapon selected on HUD.

    • General
      • Fixed various reported floaters and other smaller map and static collision issues.

    • Black Gold
      • INS64: Fixed Militia vehicle depot not working.

    • Carentan
      • AAS32: Fixed first flags to capture can be only captured by US.
      • AAS64: Removed one rally from village. Moved rally of west bridge a bit further north. Added spawndelay to two transport and one logistics truck for the Wehrmacht.

    • Jabal Al Burj
      • COOP: Fixed layers not using AI kits.

    • Kashan Desert
      • AAS128: Fixed not being correct BLUFOR faction. Now corrected to USMC again.

    • Lashkar Valley
      • COOP: Fixed crash on loading.

    • Merville
      • Skirmish: Added DOD to spawnzones.

    • Omaha Beach
      • Added COOP support. (With the help of AATW-Killer)
      • AAS32/64: Fixed Estate flag causing broken ticket bleed behavior.

    • Operation Barracuda
      • COOP64: Fixed assets being assigned to wrong team.

    • Reichswald
      • Skirmish: Added crates to spawnzones.

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