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PR - PR:BF2 v1.5.0.0 Changelog

Discussion in 'News, Events & Announcements' started by BASED Bot, Feb 2, 2018.

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    After more than a year since our the release of v1.4, it's finally time for the 38th major release of PR:BF2 - v1.5!


    A new release is around the corner and it's a big one as v1.5 will finally see the release of the Polish Forces! These bring new weapons, vehicles and maps that have been in development for years. Next to that we also introduce some new vehicles and weapons for other factions as well as countless other improvements, fixes and new features. Read all the details below!

    We plan to release PR:BF2 v1.5 this weekend, but unforeseen complications could delay it further. Stay tuned to our social media channels and the forums for more information, media, and of course the release. The wait is almost over!

    Want to help us test unreleased content and features and get a change to influence PR's development? Sign up as a tester today.

    PR:BF2 v1.5.0.0 Changelog (2018/02/X)

    • Added Polish Forces.
    • Added new Map Gallery.
    • Updated player manual.
    • Updated ticket system to stop bleed when defending team starts recapturing a bleed flag.
    • Updated exponential ticket bleed rate. Recapturing a bleed flag will also reset exponential bleed.
    • Updated supply crates to have much more supply points. (box/small/large: 450/500/1000->450/1500/3000)
    • Updated requesting kits from crates to cost 200 supply points.
    • Updated ammo boxes and supply crates to resupply twice as fast. (4%/s -> 8%/s)
    • Updated settings to now force EAX if it is available.
    • Fixed BattleRecorder not working.
    • Fixed a client crash caused by packet loss when entering some vehicles.
    • Fixed a rare mid-round server crash.
    • Fixed pilots not being able to capture flags in Vehicle Warfare.
    • Fixed FOB's to stop spawning inside the radio.
    • Fixed Linux servers taking forever to switch maps.

    • Fixed various vehicle AI crashes.
    • Fixed server autobalance crashing COOP.

    • Added rcon command(rcon position) for debugging to get current location coordinates.
    • Added rcon command(rcon position save/go NAME) to save and load positions.
    • Added rcon command(rcon rearm) for debugging to get instant re-arming. (Windows only.)

    • Added Polish PPZR GROM AA.
    • Added Polish Spike ATGM.
    • Added Polish RGO-88 frag and UGD-200 smoke grenades.
    • Added Polish WZ. 98 knife.
    • Added Polish UKM 2000 MG.
    • Added Polish WIST-94 pistol.
    • Added Polish WZ. 96 Beryl rifle series. Including GPBO-40 UGL.
    • Added Polish BOR .762 (Alex) sniper rifle.
    • Added Polish TRG-22 sniper rifle.
    • Added H&K L134A1 GMG. Used on British Land Rover.
    • Updated GLTD to have small indicator for on/off status.
    • Updated lasers to have lag compensation.
    • Updated deployable AA to no longer show heat markers.
    • Updated handheld ATGM's to use deviation indicator like other weapons.
    • Updated M3M/GAU-16 HMG model to be optimized and have better visuals.
    • Updated UGL grenades to be networked to fix cases of sound issues.
    • Fixed jet HUD AA circles not matching lock angles.
    • Fixed various weapons showing duplicate shell effects when firing.
    • Fixed G3A3 1P having popping sound issues.
    • Fixed deployable SPG-9 markings disappearing due to smoke.
    • Fixed small dynamite sound issues.
    • Fixed animation, effect and sound issues with stones.
    • Fixed explosives showing suppression effect when deploying.
    • Fixed BUIS on SMAW.
    • Fixed Mat49 reload animation not matching reload time.
    • Fixed Type 86G turret disappearing at distance.
    • Fixed Mk-19 on M1126 Stryker ICV disappearing at distance.

    • Added Polish W-3W Sokol attack helicopter and W-3T Sokol transport helicopter. (Original model by POE)
    • Added Polish variants of Mi-24 and Mi-17 helicopters.
    • Added Polish KTO Rosomak APC.
    • Added Polish AMZ Dzik-3 jeep.
    • Added Polish Honker 2000 jeep.
    • Added Polish Honker Skorpion-3 jeep.
    • Added Polish BRDM-2-M97 Zbik armored vehicle.
    • Added Polish PT-91 Twardy tank.
    • Added Polish Star 1466 and 944 trucks.
    • Added Polish variants of Shilka, BMP-1, Spandrel, Up-Armored HMMWV, BRDM-2 and T-72.
    • Added Polish variant of F-16 fighter jet.
    • Added Russian GAZ Tigr-M armored jeep. (Original model by Deloni)
    • Added Dutch DAF YA-4442 truck series.
    • Updated Dutch Fennek to not be solo-able.
    • Updated AA missiles on aircraft to have 10 and 5 degree lock angle for short and long range respectively.
    • Updated Lynx AH.7 with better optimization, visuals and various other tweaks.
    • Fixed GB, MEC Gazelle not being able to switch back on camera POV.
    • Fixed FV 510 Warrior tracks not working as intended.
    • Fixed FV4034 Challenger 2 having warp drive.
    • Fixed A-1H Skyraider GLU-1 Napalm bomb hurting the aircraft.
    • Fixed Boxer PWV Remote Weapon System HUD showing wrong rotation relative to vehicle.
    • Fixed Dumpster truck so that the driver's hands now move.
    • Fixed TOW Humvee missile spiraling out of control.
    • Fixed multiple tank gunner HUDs being misaligned.

    • Updated deployables to now show when they are deployed, rather than when first entered.
    • Updated player rotation to be more accurate.
    • Updated vehicle gunners to how have their rotation displayed for most heavy vehicles.
    • Updated insurgency to now show current intelligence points.
    • Updated going backwards in time in viewer to be more optimized.
    • Changes are backwards compatible with all demos from 1.4.12+

    • General
      • Added Operation Thunder BETA (originally by HughJass) (4x4 km) - PL vs RU - AAS & Skirmish
      • Added Outpost (originally by Bad1n and BroCop) (2x2 km) - PL vs MEC/Taliban - AAS, INS & Skirmish
      • Added Shahadah (originally by Rabbit) (2x2 km) - PL vs MEC/Iraqi Insurgents - AAS & Skirmish
      • Updated Karbala with Polish Forces layouts.
      • Fixed various issues with overgrowth LODs.
      • Implemented GAZ Tigr-M into several maps replacing other vehicles.
      • Added option for mappers to have different time duration for spawndelay(minSpawnDelay) and respawn(maxSpawnDelay).

    • Assault on Mestia
      • AAS64: removed 50 tickets for US, updated rally points for Militia.
      • Updated Skirmish
      • Added AAS16.

    • Battle of Ia Drang
      • Darkened night layers.
      • AAS16: Changes to flag routes.
      • CNC: Removed spawn delay from NVA trucks.

    • Bijar Canyons
      • Made MEC mainbase DOD smaller.
      • INS64: Switch FSA for MEC.

    • Black Gold
      • AAS16: tweaked flag routes.
      • AAS32: Replaced attack helicopters with Q-5 vs Su-39 Frogfoot jets. Added AAV and more logistic trucks.

    • Burning Sands
      • AAS64: Added spawndelay to tanks
      • AAS16: new city-only layer.
      • Updated Skirmish 16, removed Skirmish 32.

    • Charlie's Point
      • Lowered grass height.
      • Removed all ZPU-4's except for the one at the airstrip.
      • Replaced UH-1D Huey with it's non-medevac variant and lowered spawntime to 5m.
      • AAS64: Lowered US tickets to 550.

    • Dovre
      • Complete overhaul of asset layouts. evened out ticket amounts.

    • Gaza
      • INS16: Increased cache amount from 2 to 3. Exchanged M113's for Namer and tranport truck.

    • Hades Peak
      • Complete overhaul of Asset layouts. Added new 16 layers with Militia.

    • Kashan Desert
      • Complete overhaul of Asset layouts

    • Khamisiyah
      • AAS32: Fixed ticket bleed being too early.
      • Added static AA to mainbases.
      • CNC: Fixed jets not being able to fly outside of DOD.
      • VW: Updated ticket bleed, holding 3/4 flags not bleeds other team.

    • Kozelsk
      • AAS/INS: Updated DOD to allow for more playable areas.

    • Operation Marlin
      • AAS32: Made 2 MTLB's and VAB's not respawn. Added 2 spawn deplayed BMP-2 and VBCI's.

    • Route E-106
      • New AAS64 layer.
      • Small changes to terrain and heavily reduced amount of bushes. Adjus
      • Adjusted sky settings and regenerated lightmaps in higher quality.

    • Saaremaa
      • AAS/CNC: Added 2 additional logistic trucks for both teams.

    • Sbeneh Outskirts
      • INS32: Removed one T-72 from MEC.
      • AAS64: Removed one T-64 from Syrian Rebels.

    • Shijia Valley
      • Complete overhaul of all layers on AAS and CNC. Added new 32 layers.

    • Silent Eagle
      • Added DOD to map edges where there are no trees.
      • AAS32/64: Delayed all tanks. Tweaked flag routes.
      • CNC32/AAS32: Removed paradrop. Tweaked skybox settings.
      • CNC64/AAS64: Moved paradrop north. Adjusted APC spawn times and added spawn delays.

    • Tad Sae
      • New skybox. Changed daytime to be foggy. AAS16 is now nightlayer
      • Updated AAS and Skirmish layers.

    • Xiangshan
      • AAS: Complete overhaul of all layouts. Added 16 layer.
      • Added CNC and VW layers.
      • Updated Skirmish 16 and added skirmish 32.

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