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PR - PR:BF2 v1.4.12.0 Changelog

Discussion in 'News, Events & Announcements' started by BASED Bot, Jul 2, 2017.

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    Ever since we introduced the beta program for new maps with Sahel we were happy to see many of you posted feedback and suggestions. So today we introduce a new map in the beta program: Route E-106. This map, just like Sahel is in need of community feedback and play testing before it can be finalized and implemented. Route E-106 features a forested and rural environment in hopes of creating an appealing aesthetic and features unpredictable flag layouts so that every round is fresh and develops differently each time you play. This map also serves as a proof of concept for influencing squad cohesion with careful placement of overgrowth and deliberate terrain alterations.

    We also added an update to the Dutch infantry weapons with the addition of C7NLD and C8NLD and a rework of the MINIMI. Next to all this there are some changes and fixes as usual which you can read all below. Enjoy the release!

    We are always looking for more testers. Want to help us test maps and other content? Sign up as a tester today.

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    PR:BF2 v1.4.12.0 Changelog (2017/July/02)

    • Updated parachute physics to be harder to control.
    • Updated Mumble client to 1.3.x.
    • Fixed BUIS not working for some players.
    • Fixed being able to place more then the intended amount of deployable assets.
    • Fixed tracers flying slower than ball ammunition when mixed.
    • Fixed a common client crash causing many players to crash at once.
    • Removed option to change effects settings. They are forced to High now.

    • Added binoculars to AA kits so they can spot aircraft more easily.

    • Added C7NLD and C8NLD with Aimpoint and optional 3x magnifier.
    • Added C7NLD with AG36, Aimpoint and optional 3x magnifier.
    • Added MINIMI with Aimpoint and optional 3x magnifier.
    • Updated iron sight front post on M4/M16 to be smaller.
    • Updated all AA missile launchers to shoot at 60RPM to unify and lower their rate of fire.
    • Updated HK417 to have 3x zoom on undeployed and 12x on deployed. Removed double zoom.
    • Fixed flares popping smoke when they deploy.

    • Updated GB Landrover sounds.
    • Fixed littlebird sounds being too loud for pilot.
    • Fixed issues with Leopard 2A6 rear armor being too strong.
    • Fixed weak spots on German Puma.

    • General
      • Added Route E-106 BETA (2x2 km) - Ru vs US Army - AAS.
      • Updated Essex and cargoship helicopter and jet resupply points to have the same speed.
      • Fixed minimap not showing completely on some maps.

    • Battle of Ia Drang
      • Helicopters can now fly out of bounds.
      • Lowered Huey spawns to 5 minutes.
      • AAS64: Holding the Flank, Platoon and Creekbed flags now makes one team bleed the other. US Command flag is now only capture-able by US forces. Tunnel & Camp rallypoint respawns after 20 minutes.
      • AAS32: Now uses normal flag routes with capture-able Tunnel and Camp flags.
      • AAS16: Night layer with US defending center flags.
      • CNC64: CNC with AAS32 assets.
      • CNC32: CNC with AAS16 assets and night sky.

    • Beirut
      • AAS64: Mi-8 now has no spawn delay and spawns every 5 minutes.
      • AAS32: Lowered Mi-8 respawn to 5 minutes. Replaced Merkava with M163 VADS on a 15 minuted delayed spawn.
      • Lowered BTR-80 spawntime to 10 minutes from 15.

    • Dovre
      • Removed UAV.

    • Dragon Fly
      • AAS32: New layer without tanks and only city flags.

    • Jabal
      • AAS64: Removed North Bridge flag, removed ZPU-4 outside of the MEC main base, marked MEC main base on minimap.
      • AAS32: New layer with USMC ironsights against Syrian Rebels and alternative sky setting.
      • AAS16: Old AAS32.
      • SKIRMISH32: New layer with USMC ironsights against Syrian Rebels.

    • Kashan Desert
      • Reduced total lightmap texture file size.
      • AAS32: new asset layout featuring light attack helicopters
      • AAS64: new asset layout featuring mirrored asset layout
      • Skirmish: new Skirmish flag layout, added Skirmish 32 and 64 featuring all three blufor factions used on AAS.

    • Muttrah City
      • COOP: Fixed wraparound building not showing correctly.

    • Silent Eagle
      • Filled up sinkhole.

    • Vadso City
      • Tweaked vegitation to have lower bushes that no langer cast big shadows.
      • Remade AAS Routes. More info here.

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