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PR - Misc PR:BF2 v1.4 Official Retro Map Pack Update Released!

Discussion in 'News, Events & Announcements' started by BASED Bot, Aug 6, 2017.

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    Oct 18, 2015
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    If you enjoyed starting 2017 with a nice buzz of nostalgia in the form of official Project Reality Retro Map Pack then get ready for more! This update brings two more maps from the good old days along with an overall update to all maps in the map pack.

    • added Muttrah City v1 from PR v0.5, AAS and Skirmish
    • added Al Basrah from PR v0.5, AAS and Skirmish
    • lowered ambient sound volumes on all maps except Desert Storm
    • appended 'retro' to Qwai, Basrah and Muttrah map names to help discern between retro and core versions of the map.
    • added all gamemode definitions to 7 Gates desc since it becomes first map when installed next to core to fix the issue of gamemodes not showing in local create game menu
    • updated sound and lock distances for retro maps
    • fixed bad spawn points on some retro maps

    • [Al Kufrah] Added main base TOWs to IDF base, delayed APCs on STD, added ALT layer with light APCs. Delayed tanks and switched MEC BMP2 with MTLB 30mm on AAS STD, added VW layer, added Skirmish.

    • [Daqing Oilfields] Added AAS INF, Skirmish

    • [Ejod Desert] Added TOWs to main bases on Std and Alt, added one nonrespawning BTR to MEC to even out APC numbers, made last flag bleed way faster, added Skirmish, added AAS Inf, removed 1 tank from each team on AAS STD

    • [Goods Station] Sunk MEC main flag into ground

    • [Gulf of Oman] Added fixed crates next to RPs to MEC/FSA flags, AAS STD: removed LAV25, swapped BTR60 with MTLB 30mm and removed spawn delay, BTR80 removed spawn delay, AAS ALT: removed AAVPs, removed CAS Huey, gave USMC more boats, removed rocket techie delay. Added Skirmish.
    • [Operation Greasy Mullet] Removed tanks from AAS ALT&STD, added AAS INF

    • [Qinling] Updated AAS STD, added AAS INF&ALT, alternate sky for AAS ALT, added CnC, added VW layer

    • [Qwai Retro] Added AAS INF and Skirmish

    • [Road to Kyongan Ni] Added Skirmish

    • [Steel Thunder] Added AAS Inf

    • [Street] Fixed Hamas not being able to request kits from crate at spawn, ambient sounds not playing

    • [Sunset City] Removed APCs from AAS STD, added Skirmish

    • [Zatar Wetlands] Added AAS Inf and Alt, added Skirmish

    See the original release post for special gameplay notes regarding most maps.
    Spoiler for Retro map pack update notes:

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    - The Project Reality Team

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