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PR - Map Yamalia Map Update

Discussion in 'News, Events & Announcements' started by BASED Bot, Jun 9, 2018.

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    Yamalia was introduced to Project Reality in v0.9 as one of the maps to feature the new Canadian forces faction. A map featuring a vast forested area it has been subject of performance issue reports throughout the years. For this update we've again done our thing with trees, reducing them to an acceptable count but more importantly we've given it a visual makeover as Yamalia will now be a snow map.


    Combining existing 3D and 2D snow assets from Dovre Winter and some excellent new ones made by [R-DEV]Mr.VdHeide the map now features updated snow pine trees and a bumpier terrain inside the forests while mostly retaining the original layout. Snow textures for Russian forces, US Army and Canadian forces have been created for this map.

    Original map by Deer
    Map update by [R-DEV]Outlawz7
    Snow textures by [R-DEV]Mr.VdHeide

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